Craig Butcher

Week Note Six - Ain't thinking

Music makes you

The past week has been flat out busy at work with coding, meetings, discussion, generally swearing at the code again, dealing with the additional lockdown fatigue with the family.

The best option is to have some musical distraction. The kind where your brain enjoy the interesting tidbits while you work away at the issue at hand and it is time to share for you to enjoy! Music is where we should be listening to daily no matter what's the tune.

Acapella iPhone Ringtones

This one caught my eyes and ears today. Acapella is a group or solo that can perform without the need of instruments. They can reach a certain level of sounds and even can mimic instruments. How about ringtones? Perhaps iPhone sound effect by MayTree?

It is incredible how a rush of memories comes rushing back when owning the first iPhone around September 2007 and it was great to be playing each of these ringtones for the fun of it.

Smartphones may be all the norm yet nothing beats the original and early days of when it all first started.


A gentle reminder from a friend that convinced myself to tweet my week notes. I am going to give this social tweeting thingy-gummy a lark.

And finally...

Dogecoin is now at $0.08002 (source: CoinMarketCap - Dogecoin) at the time of this writing. Is it going to take off to the moon already?

Stay safe, the cricket is back on Channel 4! (UK-ers will know what this means!)

PS. A project is on the horizon. More soon!

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