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Week Note Fifty Two - Two years of weeknotes


This month was ridiculous because of recovering on and off with back to back cold and cough, ended up with a chest infection with a raspy voice that Darth Vader might approve. Luckily, it had cleared up in time for Christmas Day for dinner with the family and enjoying the company of hover helicopters that mysteriously chopped off my plant leaves by my sons.

The Witcher

Somehow, during my downtime in between blowing my nose and coughing, a good old fashion Netflix binge was required began and The Witcher was selected. Two seasons later, and it is a decent watch with catchy songs such as Toss A Coin To Your Witcher. Afterwards, having noticed GOG began their winter sale and I did ended up buying the game, The Witcher 3 - The Wild Hunt, to play on GeForce Now. 2022 is probably the year where I have lost time to this game?


After finishing Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America, there is this sense of control that Nintendo likes to impose. It would help a lot if the company reduce the prices on their years old games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Otherwise, it feels that they are still milking the entire IPs including retro games too.

On an additional note, I have read an unique children book, The Tin Snail by Cameron McAllister. It was bought secondhand to support the local library and sat on the bookshelves during the first lockdown. I highly recommend it for anyone to read!

Yes, I do read children's books. It is refreshing to read after the exhaustive list of books this year.

And finally...

What day is it again? See you on the flip side!

Stay safe, Happy 2022.

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