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Week Note Fifty One - Hidden Parties

Site work

I am currently in the middle of redoing the inards of this site. What is missing is the fun of writing within ease. Here is how I write my week notes entry.

  1. Fire up Visual Studio Code
  2. Run Docker container
  3. Add new markdown file + open up Safari for the preview
  4. Write, edit, commit, push

Instead, I need to be doing:

  1. Fire up Safari* and login to a CMS
  2. Write, edit, publish

I love the speed of static sites and absolutely miss using a neat CMS. What to do with this idea? I think netlifycms could work at this point. I absolutely like using Netlify and the ability to spin up a site is absolutely incredibly easy to do.

* Personally, there is nothing wrong with this browser. I do actively develop in it including Firefox. Sometimes we have to switch to other browsers to see what we are missing rather than developing primarly for Chromium.


Expect to see the new Projects popping up very soon in the navigation bar. A little excitement is happening, or probably thinking why I am doing this. The purpose of this idea is to have fun with coding again - as stated in Goals for 2022 among other interests like drawings, writings, or whatever interests me.


Finished The Expanse - Leviathan Falls. The final book in The Expanse series and it's a no-brainer how it ended. No spoilers is to be revealed as always.

It's back to Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America to make it 24 books read this year. Reading is definitely a huge escapism for this month.

And finally...

Apple needs to figure out what is going on with their (Apple Music too) and have nearly missed emails by hours which was crucial that I needed to reply. Hat tip to gking for suggesting Spark that made emails fun again. It is the missing email client that Apple should have been doing.

Stay safe, wine and cheese the right way.

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