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Week Note Fifty - Temperature drop


It has been chilly lately and putting the heating on during the day requires a lot of thoughts such as what should the temp setting be on, what will be the overall cost of this month, and most importantly, is my health at risk if it is not on? Spring is around the corner in the next couple of months!


The entire world may have these burger franchises yet nothing beats a UK culture phenomenon that is known as Wimpy. Reading this article Vice - The Unlikely Survival of Wimpy, the Retro Burger Chain That Refuses to Die brought back a flood of memories that my family somewhat always take me to this place. Nearly everyone I knew prefer the weird clown mcplace in the past yet there's something about Wimpy as if it is a proper British cuisine - turned out it is an American restauranteur, Edward Gold, brought it over to the United Kingdom.

Site clean up

The tradition cleaning up all the junk has commenced on this site where stale branches are deleted, random bits of codes cleaned up, figuring out if analytics is a good thing for personal sites (spoiler: nope), and loving Gitmoji to make my git commits easier to read (or not!).

And finally...

Party on Tories! Nope, that does not work. I swear every rule that the Tories has invented are constantly broken daily...

Stay safe, warm up.

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