Craig Butcher

Week Note Five - January Fanuary


What a wild week with WSB - Wall Street Bets - Reddit wrestling the controls away from Wall Street. It's weirdly odd to explain and The Guardian's covering - WallStreetBets' founder on GameStop: 'I didn't think it would go this far - of it is the short or long of it. Get it? Terminology might have got lost here...


A brick wall was met a lot of times on Friday night and could not process a single paragraph with endless deletion and imposter syndrome felt like it sneaked back in. A reminder from a colleague was that we don't suffer from it, we know our skills to the point where we question "Is this good enough? Is it to the point where the audience can understand? Will they benefit?".

A good kindness to self is to write for yourself in order to be freed of it.

Short self update

Last week has summoned the beast of the mind along with the moot point where I fell out of my routine to keep sane. Most of it was on autopilot, some was like staring at the screen for a good few minutes, other times was trying not to quit at anything.

The constant reminder of having to ask for help suddenly felt like a shrinking ray of sunlight fading into the evening. It is all there yet crawled on to keep going. February arrives tomorrow.

And finally...

Enjoy this masterpiece of a PC build. I bet the entire build must have been over a couple thousands GBP!

Stay safe, dogecoin it!

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