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Week Note Forty Nine - Forward the career!

Thinking about 2022

To move forward into the new year, it is important to recognise and remind ourselves what we have been through in 2021. For myself, it was a lot. Maybe way too much that, burnout was in fact real. Anyhoo, Goals for 2022 was created for the sake of visual and visibility for positivity!


It seems that after nearly two years of not catching the flu, somewhat made a returning rampage through my family where myself was the last one standing! Luckily, it was a short one yet left with with a sore throat and annoying dry cough. Never mind, flu jab beckons at the end of the week. It made me realised that I had four jabs this year and it's quite excessive!


Taking a detour from Super Mario book to read The Expanse - Leviathan Falls finally came out last week and am already half way in. The crew of the Rocinante continues on their adventures and it is absolutely good reading so far. The final season of the TV show will starts on Friday 10th December too. December is shaping up nicely.

And finally...

No doubt that Covid-19 Omicron cases will be on the increase. I'm bringing back the 'stay safe...' message again to remind us we are still in the pandemic and we will get out of this mess.

Stay safe, be you.

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