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Week Note Forty Eight - Recovery

Recovery and booster

A week on, my mind is coming back online slowly and learning to do complete rest. In came the netflix marathon (with walking the dogs in between) of Cowboy Bebop (live action) which was awesome, out went the stress, depression, and anxiety of everything I have been bottling up for too long this year. In order to figure what is happening in my mind, a rather long list of things to do happened, how to cope with the world, and learn to give an actual shit about things that needs doing.

And on top of that, a booster vaccine was done and left myself with a sore arm... Fun times.


This has earned a place on my weeknote - Misbrands - The world's most hated IT stickers. My favourite is seeing VSCode and ubuntu stickers :D I wonder where I can find somewhere to get these printed off to stick onto my laptop's lid.


Currently waiting for the final book of The Expanse to be release, Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America is nearly half way done and the question remains what book should be read next. It is time to hit the classics and my other half is excited for me to read Persuasion by Jane Austen. Watch this space!

And finally...

It seems there is a nasty variant of COVID-19 lingering around and the name is Omicron (James Bond's nemesis?). It is shocking how countries are playing power games with the vaccine. Future readers, let's not do this and learn that we need to be giving this away for free everywhere in order to preserve us human beings to have a better life. We are fast approaching to two years of this neverending pandemic.

Stay safe, mask up always.

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