Craig Butcher

Week Note Forty Seven - Burnout


The brain is utterly done in because the ability to concentrate on multiple things (family, work, dog!) has finally ran out of steam. Thankfully, everyone was incredibly understanding and currently into the recovery phrase to take stock and restore my energy. The pandemic fatigue is real.

The Dog continues...

Wonderfully comforting and rather active dog! The training wheels are off and it's the matter of settling into the routine. The prompt of going for walkies is an excuse to go to the coffee shop for a sneaky takeaway is currently my favourite pasttime :D


Randomly opened a book on the kindle and it is Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America. There are some great tid bits in there regarding how Donkey Kong came about along with Game & Watch LCD games (remember them from the 80s?). What was puzzling was how Nintendo managed to control the games being produced for the NES leading to a whopping 716 games available. Comparing to Sega Master System that only had 313 games. Either way, both are solid 8-bit gaming consoles. I do recall seeing Super Mario Bros in the arcade and it was cruel to see Mario die on the first go of touching the mushroom forcing the gamer to fumble around in their pockets for coins to continue.

And finally...

If anyone wants to talk about burnout, please do get in touch via @craigbutcher, it would be nice to learn how others are doing in similar situations.

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