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Week Note Forty Five - Arf arf!

Hello macOS Monterey

In the tradition of installing from scratch, I always do this as it is a nice clear out for my mind, however this could be the last time I will be doing this as the next version will be an upgrading. It depends on my minimal Mac habit.

First off, if you are going to be doing this, be aware for any slight hiccups. The chances of this are low though and the installation went without a hitch. Why do I choose doing this method? From every version of Mac OS X and macOS, I love the progression of how it managed to get streamline in order of ease to set up.

It felt like a new Mac every time I reinstall and this is the version where the M1 and the newer chipset will shine.


If you like coffee and you want to support social enterprise, check out Old Spike, I absolutely love this idea and they deserve more awareness. 65% of the profits goes directly support people experiencing homelessness.

The coffee I have picked is a decaf blend, La Falda, and it is a wonderful smooth taste I have not tasted for a long while. It is so well done that I had a few in one morning. Yes, decaf is my go to unless I really need that caffeine kick to hyperfocus!


Finished We are Anonymous! What an eye opener of a book, although as I have mentioned that it felt like it was a Hollywood style of writing, it felt like it was a little more than that to cover the basis of it. It’s an enjoyable book to go through quickly and offers lots of interesting points for yourself to go and research on. Although, the original hacking book would have to be The Cuckoo’s Egg, absolutely fantastic to read if you are looking for this sort of genre.

And finally...

We have got a four legged friend in the household now… expect the next week note to be written with barks, drools, and licks.

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