Craig Butcher

Week Note Forty Four - Happy Halloween

MacOS Monterey

It seems that macOS Monterey is a huge 12.13 GB download and wondering there is a bloat happening here. Let's hope that Apple is going to do something to reduce the size like they did with Snow Leopard where it was focused on improving performance and reduced memory footprint. It was an instant success and it was felt that Apple was paying attention. Never mind, expecting the next version of macOS to be 16 GB size at launch...

Pi Zero 2

This was a pleasant surprise and it is still under £15. The memory size (512mb) remains the same and the introduction of the quad-core processor is a nice little boost. It is a nice mini server to run Pi-hole or anything you are looking to run on a small memory footprint. Snag yours via The Pi Hut or Pimoroni. Stocks seems to be limited at this point so grab yours quickly if you need one!

Minimal Web Design

There's a trend going on with all the websites trying to pump out fancy visuals, longer loading times with JS, cramming it all into the browser space. The latest MacBook Pro M1 Max can render your website faster... Yet what's happening with the content itself?

Possibly because I'm in my early 40s and the idea of fast loading pages is being replaced with huge images, fancy inaccessible visuals, as well as having to try hard to sell something to the public.

Designing a minimal design is a challenge in itself and the needs to be accessible is incredibly high on the list. Although, there's an air of trying to be proving too hard in order to be something that it is not pretending to be.

After all, how minimal should we be approaching at this point? Typography? Performance? Lots of thinking is happening here already.

And finally...

After a week long holiday, it is a nice little reboot for the mental health. The clocks went back an hour and it means the daylight is dwindling day by day. With only two months left of 2021, we are already looking forward to see what 2022 will bring. Life is sure unpredictable.

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