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Week Note Forty Three - On an island

Return of the Macbook Pro

After a good while, it seems that the Macbook Pro 14" and 16" has been getting rave reviews from the screen, keyboard, chassis, and THE SPEED. There are many early benchmarks out at the present moment which is proving quite exciting and matches up to what Apple has been mentioning in their keynotes. A quick price check high end spec (M1 Max, 64GB ram, 8TB storage!) is at £5,899! The M1 Pro and Max are two serious contenders in the laptop section. Apple is now in the second year of transition meaning that only two Macs are left, iMac 27" and the Mac Pro. I predict that the Mac Pro will be outrageous highly spec.

Mac OS Monterey will be launched tomorrow and that will be installed in a few weeks once things are settled.

Films and TV shows

Quite an exciting time right now on the big and small screen. Foundation has completely got my attention every Friday, The Boys will be back soon with Season 3, the final season of The Expanse is out on December 10th, and no doubt many more that is happening.

Dune, Ghostbusters - Afterlife, and a few others that has got my attention will no doubt be watched in 2022!

Book reading continues...

After powering through Masters of Doom (could not resist the pun), it was onto We Are Anonymous: Inside the Hacker World of LulzSec, Anonymous, and the Global Cyber Insurgency by Parmy Olson, it is a skeptical / eye opening read at first although the reporting of it seems too hollywood which is typical to allow for it to be accessible for everyone.

It won't be long till Leviathan Falls will be next on the reading list!

And finally...

It is nice being on holiday away from everything. It has been long overdue by a couple of years. Now what am I going to do for the rest of the week...

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