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Week Note Forty One - Outside

This site of mine

It's going to go through a few reconstructing nonsense. The kind where it will eventually starts and there isn't an end goal in mind. Mostly, I design minimal website because it is all about the content. After all, for many years, content is the majestic winner of the web.

QEMU fun part five

The QEMU fun continues and it is Sun Microsystems' Solaris 2.6 this time around and it was wonderful to see the CDE (Common Desktop Environment) again. The last time I have used Solaris must have been around 2007 or earlier at the UEA and it was truly something to use because of the SPARC based systems - especially the lunchbox version - SPARCstation IPC.

Now you would think how do I manage to get onto the web with old web browsers? The issue is that HTTPS is now commonplace. A hat tip to a friend who pointed me to WRP (Web Rendering Proxy) which I will be trying later this week. Who knows, I could be posting via Windows 3.1 next!


Currently reading Broadband - The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet by Claire L. Evans and for many years, history always state it was 'only men' that created the Internet and everything else. I refused to believe that fact and wowser, this book revealed so many women who came up with incredible ideas and how we are using them today. This should be part of the computing curriculum to learn historical facts.

And finally...

I have noticed that I didn't push last week post and noticed how my writing went off track as I was asleep at the keys. Oops!

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