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Week Note Four - Revisiting

Nostalgia of ZeFrank

We have been visiting the world of the past! In meme formats thanks to my son discovering them on YouTube in the form of Among Us, Roblox. and Minecraft.

Then I remembered this utter gem that was The Show with ZeFrank and thought it was worth mentioning - including some Internet history lesson! The website has seem to fell apart since it was probably on the web in like forever! Although you can still see the landing page in its true glory web of the old. After introducing songs like How do you work this thing?, where do the **** do ideas comes from?, and maybe you like to watch his version of The Olypmics.

It was groundbreaking back in 2000s because he did the show for one year from 17th March 2006 to 17th March 2007 featuring only weekdays episodes. His zany style, commentary on the media, current events, and interacting with forum members was something unique. Now the influence from that part onwards I believe was adapted throughout the world of YouTube.

Back to Foundation.

So far this year, I have read three books including children's books. I have been enjoying reading aloud to my sons during the day or bedtimes. It is a good creative outlet and a chance to keep practicing with my speech. Although, being told off by my eldest son to stop talking with a Scottish accent that seems to infuriate him - Good, it's part of my annoying Dad act.

The book pile is growing and it was time to get going to complete the Foundation series starting with Foundation's Edge. Roughly 50 pages in on the first day and it is still gripping to read. Currently, the dead-tree format - hard copy - is a must to have in my collection. I'm particularly enjoying the illustration of the new look books and ended up researching for older book jackets admiring the beauty of past art work. This is going to be an expensive hobby if I let myself go here!

Writing, sites, scribbles

While having notebooks nearly everywhere to jot down ideas and absolute nonsense to stop my brain from being blocked with anything goes. It seems the creative tap and the flow of my creativity outlet is never ending. The issue is FOCUS and the dreaded anxiety of "Will my ideas gain traction? Oh what if it does this and it goes in this direction..". It's ridiculous this happens almost daily and never get my ideas out to the world. Should the madness continue or is it time to build something from the ideas?

And finally...

Go and watch a chill remix of Robert Downey Junior in Tropic Thunder - I'm a dude! by Yuri Wong and then go down that rabbit hole checking out the rest of his awesome mixing skill. By the way, that OP-1 costs a cool £1199 ($1640).

Stay safe, stay sane, and remember to keep your mind busy.

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