Craig Butcher

Week Note Thirty Nine - Into the Foundation

Foundation on Apple TV+

The show has finally arrived with much anticipation with two episodes released. It is possibly one of the best openers of any sci-fi shows ever seen. There is a lot to unpack and often found myself doing the famous pointing meme (Once upon a time in Hollywood) to numerous key points. Only five more days till the next episode.

QEMU fun part four

Corel Linux was admittedly ahead of its time and do have some recollection of someone from college back in 1999 demoing the desktop and the game Abuse running decently. QEMU again was up and running to test with some strange graphic artifacts.

A quick boot of Mac OS 9 to install Sim City and randomly surfed the 'net in Classzilla until my eldest son walked in wondered what I was doing. A quick explanation about Operating Systems and demonstrating Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. It made myself think what future OS are going to be around then for the next generation.


It's Day 26 and with only four days left, the end goal is in sight.. Mind you, where is the PM during the petrol crisis?. I do like to continue drawing because of the way how it is incredibly relaxing, experimenting with various pens, brushes, and colours, and it's a huge influence on my sons to draw too.

And finally...

From time to time, I have been returning to my website and thinking why there are a handful of Front End Development context on here. Currently, they are laying around on codepen, some locally, and some on github. Soon, I will get some spare time and tidying up everything including give this website an overhaul again!

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