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Week Note Thirty Eight - Hip

Sir Clive Sinclair

The inventor who gave us the pocket calculator and the famous ZX Spectrum passed away at the age of 81. He is probably unexpectedly kick-started the British computing and gaming industry. The Guardian wrote an obituary Sir Clive Sinclair and as part of the September drawing, here's my tribute to the man who introduced the mayhem of gaming.

QEMU fun part three

Windows 3.1 was sure fun to install along with Netscape Navigator which is like welcoming an old friend back home apart it doesn't work on websites since the HTTPS protocol is the default nowadays. Windows NT 4 was next after that which made things a lot slightly easier! Next up, OS2Warp, BeOS, and some older Linux distributions. Corel Linux anyone? Let's not forget how painful it is to set up X11!

Continuing the drawing sessions

It's Day 19 today - Where I'll be. Only 12 more days to go to complete the lot!

And finally...

Foundation on Apple TV+ is coming out in five days... Exciting times and my expectation for this show is low as I do not to get into the hype.

Oh and one more thing... I had done my left hip in early Friday morning by squatting down - and twisted at the wrong angle - picking up a dust pan. A quick check up at A&E noting that the muscle ligaments around the area was completely done in and need to do (painful) stretching exercises to restore mobility. Hip to be square eh?

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