Craig Butcher

Week Note Thirty Seven - Keynote incoming!

Apple's keynote

No speculation here for this year (apart from a predicted new iPad Mini) and am happy with my current iPhone. The idea to get a new handset with minor increment here and there somehow the cause for the trigger to upgrades. If you are happy with your handset and you look after it, it will serve you a few years down the line. After all, it's a tool!

QEMU fun part two

Running Mac OS 9.2.2 with IE5.1 on QEMU? Am I nuts? Naaaah, it's wild! Check out the Mac OS 9.2.2 screenshot on my twitter feed. There is now a plan to see if I can use the Mac OS 9 for the day to see how good my memory is using the OS, it seems to be mostly games at this rate. Next up, Windows 3.1?

Drawing and sleep

Currently on Day 12 so far! Top Trump's Solar System card. This was particularly fun to do, there were some moments where it felt like a drag and it is a good training exercise to remind ourselves to enjoy what we are doing.

And finally...

Emma Raducanu is loving life after US Open triumph and rightly so because the tennis match had everything. Leylah Fernandez is definitely going to be the player matching Emma in many areas and hoping for more Finals with them twos. Cracking stuff!

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