Craig Butcher

Week Note Thirty Six - Hello September


I do like drawing from time to time and never really sat down to take my time to be in the moment. Day one was disused hospital and then to today, a slice of living. The shift from going from to procreate is enormous because of the availability of tools is astonishing. Only 25 more days to go to accomplish the month!

QEMU fun

There is quite a good amount of fun to be had with QEMU particularly running it on the Apple's M1. The challenge is to install Windows 3.1, Mac OS 9, perhaps NeXTStep too. Also the idea of running Parallels to run Steam for games (Half Life 2 no?) among others available in the library. Lots of funs to have, need the time to play!

Back to Skool

It is that time again where the students are heading back to education establishments. Let's remember Eric from the famous ZX Spectrum game Skool Daze and Back to Skool having to deal with the hectic world of school and his mishaps. Anyway, let's not also forget it is the September that never ends. As a former system administrator, it was stressful having to deal with network issues, accounts that never was fully setup, and yes, we have to deal with hell desk

And finally...

We are going to be here again with the iPhone announcements. I think it is time to bring out the bingo card soon!

For now, have a good week everyone and remember that your children are going to be talking more nonsense when they return from school...

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