Craig Butcher

Week Note Thirty Five - De-stressing

Ran out of energy

The last couple of days at work was winding down for another week off. Somehow, I picked up a nasty cough - testing myself a few times poking my nostrils for Covid-19 (all negative). On the day I have closed the work's laptop lid, I was utterly done in. The autopilot mode was gone and what was left is to deal with myself how I have managed to 'keep up appearances'. A well deserved recharge is on the way.

Forward the clean up

A full digital clean up with my files across the board, run some automation back ups, install some reminders, figure out where to host images and photos for my site. And get some fun projects going for the sake of learning.

Neat trick Github

Every day, something exciting happens. Open up any github repo in your browser and press ., voila! You now have a Visual Studio Code editor in your browser. This is pretty sweet because the familiarity of using the editor to navigate through the code is a great idea.

And finally...

The past couple of weeks with week notes has been thin on content because of the summer holidays with my sons among with exhaustion with work. There are important lessons to learn from this and a long form post is in the works to share with others who are struggling with family and work.

Look after yourself!

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