Craig Butcher

Week Note Thirty Three - You're doing okay kiddo

On a break

It was a much needed downtime to spend quality time with the family and completely switch off from work. With only three weeks of summer holidays left, Autumn term is approaching. For what it worth, my body is thanking me lots to recover with lots of good food and sleep. Possibly have gained a lot more white / grey hairs for some reasons...


The film is available to watch on Apple TV+ and it is a generic and approaching 'Hallmarks' type of filming in some ways and it is enjoyable. What is CODA? It means "Child of Deaf Adults". There are a lot of Deaf families out there with hearing children. This is a subject that many of CODA will know about in terms of having to help their family in terms of communication via sign language. After watching the film, a quick dig around about the film is a remake of La Famille Bélier, then it is revealed it is based (this is becoming film-ception!) on Beyond Silence. The hunt is on to find a copy of Beyond Silence to see if it holds or match up to today's cinema world.


Since his spraycation appeared along the East Coast of England, it seems that one of his artwork of the rat on the beach has been defaced. It would not surprised me if it was some disgruntled Tory supporter and from the armchair detective, it seems to be a washer paint roll painted over it. A tricky job for a tricky... restorer?

And finally...

Randomly started reading Spectrum Machine Language For The Absolute Beginner (PDF) to gain a better insight how did games developers in the 80s managed to squeeze high quality programming into only 48k of RAM?

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