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Week Note Thirty Two - On a mission


They are fun to work on and it is completely okay if some of them don't work out because you get ten times experience more than you have originally started. The web has gotten a whole lot serious lately and it is nice to revert back to enjoying building something. There is a steady feed from myself to show code to codepen and glitch has been getting my attention lately to write apps. With around 50+ ideas to produce, I need to forget what other people would think of my work and start enjoying producing them.


I am a nerd when it comes to photography. The iPhone has decent camera to take photos and cannot help thinking about film cameras that has been creeping back into my life again. I have sold off a decent collection of cameras that I had a decade ago and have no regrets because film is always going to be around for longer thanks to the revival it is going through. It is important to think what you are going to shoot with only 36 shots in a roll. We are all living in a trigger happy photography society nowadays that leads to digging through the pile online what is truly is a photo.


It is probably the 40s that pulled the trigger for myself to get an adult scooter. After few investigation and saved bookmarks, Oxelo Town 9 EF was the choice because I need something that last solid from a range of 2 to 5km (1.94 to 3.11 miles). It is a fantastic scooter so far and a quick review will be up soon once resuming adulting again!

And finally...

I think Quick Bites is on a nice little roll for me to quickly write about what I have spotted online that is a worthy shout about. I need to work out how to produce a JSON file from Quick Bites archives and build a little search functionality, it would be good to apply to weeknotes too.

Stay safe everyone.

P.S. I have been writing 'Stay safe' for 84 weeknotes now and it is time to retire this for something else! :-)

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