Craig Butcher

Week Note Thirty One - Doors and Corners

Covid-19 testing

Every time I stick one of these lateral flow testing up my nostrils, I'm always sneezing like it is hay fever season. So far these tests are all negatives including receiving both jabs of the vaccine, I'm suffering from mental health issues of society. How long should I be outside? Will I get 'pinged'? Are we going to be rethinking ourselves? During the lockdown, Deaf people have been suffering a lot of audism and still are in many ways.


It is a personal subject that Deaf people face daily, it is enough to roll my eyes hard towards many hearing people who asks the questions such as:

The list above is a small example and I have seen videos on Instagram / YouTube / Twitter of people mocking hearing people in a state of satire. It can be amusing at first then after a while, we need to educate people. Let's do that, make people feel comfortable to ask questions and they will learn something new.

We are all human at the end of the day, hurling around in space on a mud ball of a planet orbiting the sun at 67,000 mph...

Towards the end of The Expanse

Tiamat's Wrath - the eighth book in the series is completed! A window of opportunity opened up where it took myself to finish this book under nearly 3 hours. Again and again, in trying not to spoil the book. It has been a spectacular look to how technology and biology can change in the future such as space travel, recyclers, and other wild ideas. I am currently watching the TV series again and does fill in major and minor plot that was left open for interpretation.

And finally...

Realising that I haven't had a proper holiday in a long while since lockdown and realised it has hampered my productivity in doses. Being a parent, coping with stress of lockdown, conflicting advices from The Horrible Tories, along with society rising up with pitchforks and... wait, what was I talking about again?

Stay safe, listen to lo-fi.

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