Craig Butcher

Week Note Thirty - The Road We Walk


After doing some digital summer cleaning, it was a pleasant surprise discovering some drawings that I have done sometime back in 2008. My mental health state was in a different state of mind back then. Time to figure out how to hook it up with Cloudinary to store my images and link back here to show.


Absolutely no words about this madness that is sweeping across the UK. It is all raging out of control and nobody is happy.

It reminded myself to think of Derren Brown book's Happy and the quote stood out was:

The only things you're in control of are your thoughts and actions

It's a valid reason and we need to step back to think where we would like to go next.

The Expanse

From Persepolis Rising to Tiamat's Wrath - the eighth book in the series. The challenge is how not to spoil the book for everyone and currently nearly half way in already! The ninth and final book, Leviathan Falls, will be released on November 16, 2021 along with the TV season airing the not so much final season (reported to be open ended!), it is a journey into finding out the conclusion of the epic series!

And finally...

Looks like summer TV has arrived with many decent shows to watch across all streaming apps. It suddenly feels like it is an additional chore that nobody wants. The best advice is to tell yourself that shows will always be around for us to watch. "Think for yourself, don't be sheep" as Rick Sanchez would say ;-)

Stay safe, hug your pets

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