Craig Butcher

Week Note Twenty Nine - Hot.


19th July is suppose to be the so call freedom day where we no longer need to wear masks, hug people, and all that fancy whatsnot that people have been doing since the pandemic started.

The truth is we are not ready. Clearly we are not over this, the UK has been climbing past 50% fully vaccinated and we are nowhere to be safe. There's an outbreak in many towns throughout the UK, NHS Test and Trace app is broken in many ways that a record number of people are being 'pinged' to self isolate.

It's gut wrenching for local businesses who are forced to self isolate even when being tested negative for days. The UK is not leading the standards of effectiveness since The Horrible Tories gotten into power.

There will be a way out of this...


I had an enjoyable (vanilla) Javascript coding session last week where I learnt more about isolating (the coding kind) code away from others. It is a big deal to me knowing how to utilise this and that's a one up for me. Onwards we go :-)

Working on the new look

There is a new look happening so far and it is a work in progress especially with the night theme that is happening.

And finally...

MacBook Air M1 current uptime is:

21:34 up 20 days, 9:50, 6 users, load averages: 2.26 1.80 2.34

The battery life is absolutely good and this is a fan-less mac which is a bonus. The current temperature of the CPUs (iStat <3) is hovering around 26c even with the English heatwave (magical 27c). A world away from Intel's hot as chips CPUs.

Stay safe, drink water.

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