Craig Butcher

Week Note Twenty Seven - Wimbledon


It is awkward trying to feel relaxed on days off work because it felt like there is this constant need to be doing something. Switching off is hard during this lockdown and the state the world is in. My preferences of switching off (or keeping busy) is reading a book, small binging of shows streaming, do work out, or DIY work in the house.

Maybe it is a good thing that the idea of relaxation is now considered as a luxury? Who knows.

Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta)

The beta version of the service has launched sometimes ago and it is now available to access on Apple devices. The press announcement explains how the service work, what games are available with new ones being added on weekly, and which controller works.

With GeForce Now and other competitors offering their own version of game streaming, we are heading towards to the point where it could eventually replace the game consoles in the home.

The Expanse

Finally! Babylon's Ashes was completed which set the stage for the season finale. Heading into Persepolis Rising, while already roughly 15% into the book (thanks Kindle..), spoilers are not going to be posted here! It has been a heck of a ride throughout...

And finally...

Apple has announced Foundation with a second trailer and it looks like a mixture of Prelude to Foundation and Foundation. If you are going to go into Asimov's Foundation, it is a good idea to start with The Robot series and then go to Foundation series as long it is read in the released publication order. Exciting times!

Stay safe, let's look after our only homeworld.

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