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Week Note Twenty Six - British Summer?


Here we go again, it is that time of the year (or all the time) where it is time to go through hundreds of bookmarks saved. Upon starting to trawl through the list, the question appears:

Why is this not making me happy?

What is the obsession to hoard bookmarks? What does it achieve? Absolutely nothing and off went 300+ bookmarks. Immediately, there is a sense of relief knowing that I no longer can deal with this burden.

Consuming information is at an all high and it is no longer fun anymore where the energy and focus is to be shifted to what requires my attention.

Two bookmark folders are 'To Work On' and 'Weekend Reading' and contains only three rules.

  1. Contain up to 10 bookmarks.
  2. Read
  3. Delete

What are in the folders?

To Work On

These are the important tasks that needs completing.

The original folder of "Read It Later" contains too many bookmarks to learn. The chances of learning is zero because of my current lifestyle including getting away from the screen!

Weekend Reading

Reading on weekends away from the main screen require reading on other devices like the iPad where it is treated only to read, play, and create art. So far, it is working where it feels like nothing else get in the way.

The 'net will always be there and it is a browser search box away.

Argos Catalogues

When we were growing up in the 80s, we relied a lot on the book of laminated dreams as known as Argos catalogues and very often, christmas catalogues from Boots, WHSmiths, etc.

RetroMash wrote about Argos Catalogues with a twist that you can view the PDFs via The QuickShot and Pro 5000 joysticks for the 8-bit home computers always featured in the catalogue year after year.

Read Only Memory

ReadOnlyMemory is one of my favourite websites to visit and when you know an article is featured, it is immediately "drop everything and read this". Blocks, Lines, and Space - When architecture met videogames writes about videogames and architecture. Let's not spoil it for you here, highly recommended five to ten minutes read if video games is your thing.

And finally...

Geforce Now continues to be used and recently bought Black Mesa via Steam. The first 30 minutes was absolutely bloody fun and a lot of 'scare jumps' happened thanks to the headcrabs crawling around in the game.

Stay safe, wimbledon starting.

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