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Week Note Twenty Four - Watermelon and Mustard

WWDC 2021

<sarcasm> Darn it, no hardware announcement yet it's a software announcement!</sarcasm>

There was a lot to unpack especially with all OS going through the next round of upgrades. iOS 15, watchOS 8, and macOS Monterey looks set to be taking the OS further yet iPadOS is somewhat stuck on its own.

What is particularly striking was the idea of 'Focus' where we can signal our status to others that we are busy concentrating at the task. It is a much needed option in order to regain our own well being and cutting out the 'chatter' of other apps that does not require our attention.

Everything else that happened at WWDC keynote can be found over at Apple's Newsroom.

Playdate update

What is playdate? It is a tiny handheld game system with... a crank! The pre-order is set for July and it is something to back because it is unique in a beautiful way. The company who are working on this is Panic who made Transmit (file transfer app), Nova (code editor formally known as Coda), and they did made a few games too. Honk!

They recently had an update announcement of some fantastic looking games and a Stereo Dock which looks awesome. Be sure to check it out on their page because (formally looks like a great fit to play awesome tunes from... the pool via the bluetooth stereo speakers.

With 24 games to be release - two games per week! - when the device becomes available, depending on chipset constraint the entire world is struggling with today, it will be a summer hit and beyond.


After watching the Netflix series, it occurs to me that I have never played the original game. After checking the Retro Pie, it was game on and it is fun yet difficult to play. Being the gamer from the 80s, we are the real gamers who learn how to play games the hard way.

And finally...

Honestly, go and try watermelon with mustard sauce on it. It is the latest online craze and it is really bizarrely odd yet lovely to try.

Stay safe, iced coffee ahoy!

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