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Week Note Twenty Three - June Bug

Remember the Webmaster

After having much needed time to catch up on 300+ "save it later" bookmarks and err, 132 tabs, it was time to read the good bits of the web.

The History of The Web has been on fire later and it was incredible reading up about What happened to the webmaster. It is a fascinating read into the history of the first webmaster and beyond. Do read the link and delve further into other aspects of the world wide web.

The power of Front End Developer

Another one from the 'bookmark files'. From CSS Tricks - The All-Powerful Front-End Developer - There is a lot to unpack here and only reached about 1/4 of the way of this video. It is a worthy mentioned because of that heading as it is incredibly important that front end developers are still needed in the industry and the tools we are using daily are becoming decent.

With a range of 'show and tell' to show off our works using Netlify, CodePen, or Glitch, it is a great time to get into this career.

WWDC 2021 predictions

Hmmm, what could be announced? Last year, they announced the Apple silicon and the transition will be completed within two years. Then the usual OS updates across the board happened.

Here's the wild yet predictable bingo card lovingly created by yours truly below.

Bingo Card

  • iOS 15
  • macOS
  • watchOS
  • tvOS
  • homeOS
  • Apple Music
  • MacBook
  • Mac Pro
  • 2nd Gen Macs

Sometimes it is nice not to predict something at all and enjoy the keynote.

And finally...

Hello from .net domain. Now people will not get confused when told it's ".io" and never heard of it. It seems that .com and .net are classic domains to own.

Stay safe, keep cool

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