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Week Note Twenty One - Mission accomplished

Second vaccine

It feels surreal having completed the course of the AstraZeneca vaccine because we are still living in this world where there is no end in sight. Yes, it is a pessimistic/reality thought and we are eventually going to come out of this.

What is shocking is the world's politicians and WHO (World Health Organization) were caught out with constant bickering and confusing information. The world cannot allow for another pandemic to happen - which is likely to be predicted to happen again. If we need a near perfect example, look to New Zealand how they all coped with it from start to finish with a post pandemic foresight of how to deal with it.

At this moment, it feels we are utterly behind the Great Filter at this point.

Mechanical Keyboard spotting

Over the weekend, it has been scrolling what's what out there on the mechanical keyboard market and came across the EpomakerB21. At the first glance at the video and photos, it looks like a great compact 65% with the usual bluetooth, backlight, PBT SA (spherical-all) keycaps, and it's wired too if you need that option.

The only issues is that the knobs on both side are in the colour of pink, typography on the control buttons does not match overall look (who wants a calculator button?), and the missing functions row.

Currently there is 11 days left in this campaign and hitting nearly 600% of the original goal which is impressive. Mechanical keyboards are the rage among true typists, coders, and gamers (sometimes), it is great seeing this niche market becoming unique.

trustd in macOS

This is an annoying bug happening where trustd randomly starts taking up 100% of the CPUs and it seems it's a common issue after reading the thread on Reddit. There is a great write up on lapcatsoftware - trustd and after Apple verification server issue that happened, this needs to be resolves ASAP.

And finally...

Check out this song The Linda Lindas - Racist, Sexist Boy (Live at LA Public Library) and holy moly, they are really good. Bonus points to them rocking the hell out of the library!

Stay safe, sunshine will be here soon.

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