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Week Note Twenty - Absolution

Pointless games

Let's sit back and play pointless yet oh-so-good JavaScript games...

Bose SoundControl Hearing Aid

For years, Phonak and Siemens (only two I know of in the UK) has been on the NHS for as long as I know. There are private clinics where you can obtain better hearing aids for a ridiculous amount of money.

This looks set to change thanks to Bose introducing their own hearing aid. It is good to see Bose coming into this area because the competition is sparse.

It will be interesting to see what will happen in this field for the next few years.

Linux Emporium

Back in the late 90s, if you were lucky to have a decent ISDN or happened to work at a university using a high speed network connection called JANET then getting hold of a Linux distribution would have been handy providing you had a CD burner or a friend who happened to had one to burn a copy.

For the rest of us, we bought a copy of many distributions from Linux Emporium or official box sets. Looking back, installing Linux on the aging 486sx33 was fun to say the least until after months of saving to get a fast PII 233mhz PC. It was not fun to follow the guidelines of installing the operating system until Mandrake Linux came along.

Hats off to Linux Emporium that made us survive the times when we needed the growing popularity of Linux.

And finally...

Tired of the view outside your window? Maybe Window Swap will help to enjoy a different outlook on this planet.

Stay safe, have a cup of tea.

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