Craig Butcher

Week Note Two - Zero days since last incident

That 'Coup'

Let's get this hot topic out of the way. The entire world was watching the mayhem that was happening in the US Capitol on 6th January 2021. No words can describe the horror of that incident and immediately all tech services moved swiftly to remove and ban a number of accounts associated with the orange buffoon in charge.

Arnold Schwarzenegger came out with such a deep and personal message that runs deep in comparison of the history in the past. Yet Democracy still stands no matter what.

Home schooling

Since the national lockdown happened, all schools are forced to be closed (which happened against the Horrible Tories advice), they are open for key workers / front line which is a boon for those who works on the NHS. Home schooling resumed again and my sons thankfully managed to grok the idea that their education is important. Having said that, it is not a situation where we have to force them to learn.

It is unfair that the Government has made 'Education' a crappy pawn piece and try to be clever with it. It will not be long until something drastic happens at No. 10 where there will be a vote of no confidence against that scruffy blonde twit in charge.

Smart Meters

Recently installed, it has registered my sons interest in the devices and how much electricity and gas in the household is consuming daily. Gone are the old fashion way of manual reading (causes numerous cock ups and emails!), in are fancy devices replacing relic materials.

It was amusing to see my sons playing with the lights in the house to see that change on the usage reader (resembling a bulky iPod look), shutting everything off (going dark with a torch shining everywhere leading to lightsaber battles - okay, that was me), and seeing which device in the house consume a lot of electric.

The past few days has been freezing with temperatures of -2c - feels like -7c! No doubt gas consumption is on the way up for the next couple of months.

And finally...

Cryptocurrency went and broke another couple of records. Bitcoin smashed into the $40k ground ($41,420.19 to be precise) and the global market capital is now at $1.04 trillion. It's a staggering amount of money.

Then there is the open consultation set up over at UK Gov - UK regulatory approach to cryptoassets and stablecoins: consultation and call for evidence. Will this means a change in the way we use currency? Physical money has no place in society anymore because of COVID-19 eliminated it out of the public's eyes.

Stay safe, look forward.

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