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Week Note Nineteen - Point Blank

Mixtape 001 - First Funk

A proper mixtape is up! Treat your ears to future funk and a dashing of vaporware. Check it out over at Soundcloud. A few things I have learnt along the way...

Have fun listening to it!

HTML and CSS programming

It's a real skill and often this triggers a debate of how the two language are not a true programming language. Chris Coyier of CSS Tricks wrote about this subject and at the end of the post:

I’d like to see a lot more nuanced, respectful, and agenda-less comments like that when these discussions happen.

The truth is that Front End Development today is an incredibly wide range of skill and often that the basic can get overlooked (or even failed) and then heavily debated to nowhere.

Add accessibility to the mix, things will grind to a halt, and then developers will truly respect you for catering for everyone.

Stationery <3

Do not look at the pile of notepads and pens sitting on the desk. The A3 Black Dotted Pad, maybe Zebra Sarasa Clip Gel Pen - 0.4 mm will make your writing and technical sketches looks good, uni-ball Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil will make you love pencils forever...

Or send yourself down the rabbit hole of JetPens Blog. You have been warned.

And finally...

Pointless site of the week - Racket. Make a racket.. inaccessible to listen to people... muttering something?

Stay safe, warmer weather has arrived.

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