Craig Butcher

Week Note Seventeen - Breathe

Late short week note

An unexpected turn of events on Sunday afternoon when my son's breathing becomes an asthmatic wheeze. Thanks goodness for the NHS where the doctors and nurses works around the clock to help my child to recover. It had been a tiring couple of days yet happy to be back at home to familiar surroundings.

Cibola Burn

Abaddon's Gate was an absolute corker and enjoyable to read. It sets up the scene of the fourth book in the series and it means there are only five more books left - the final book, Leviathan Falls, is schedule to be release around the end of this year. The TV series is highly recommended to watch and a repeat viewing is happening already in this household.

Apple updates

The timing of iOS 14.5 was spot on because of the face masks was becoming a nuisance when it comes to unlocking the phone. If you are an owner of the Apple Watch, you are in for a treat because FaceID has an upgrade where you can set your iPhone to automatically unlock without the need of a FaceID scan and annoying passcode input.

And finally...

Sleep is required.

Stay safe, we need stability.

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