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Week Note Sixteen - Brain Found!

Better, better, better

After the downtime mentioned in last week's weeknote 15, it was refreshing to return to work and get back into the swings of things at a pace that being set by myself. Paying attention to the first three rules are:

  1. Am I rushing / jumping / typing too fast?
  2. Am I understanding the task? Did I 'over read' it?
  3. Am I okay? Are you processing everything rationally?

The training wheels are still on and no doubt it will continue to stay on for a week or so in order to form the new habits. It has been a lifetime skill to continuously keeping up with everything, it's okay if we are behind a bit of a way because we are paying attention to the upmost situation that we care deeply about.

After all, like the title of this segment. It's all about being better, better, better.

Rush of news

Things that caught the hawk eye this week in shorts...


Hot from the red phones at Poolside.FM introducing Vacation (affiliated link) and yes, yours truly is CEO of Coconut Palm Commodities...

If you are already confuse what it is all about, it is sunscreen. Um... checks paperwork, yeah that's it. Oh wait, if you do remember the smell of sunscreen back in the 80s, this is it for you. Els, get sunscreen anyway to protect your skin from being burnt.

And finally...

From The Expanse - Caliban's War to Abaddon's Gate, it is enjoyable to read and the current book has led me to rethink a lot about humanity among the stars. There has been some discussions in the past about when humans will truly be on Mars or the Moon.

Should we be resolving important issues on our home planet, Earth? The answer is that we cannot hold ourselves back as it will take a bold revolution to move forward.

Stay safe mon ami as Hercule Poirot would say...

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