Craig Butcher

Week Note Fourteen - Welcome to the fantasy zone!

Apple Arcade's classic

This is Apple's secret slow burner. Upon launch, it came out with a few handful of titles back in September 2019 and now it contains around 180 games including the recent announcement of classic games. Now people can get to play Fruit Ninja, Monument Valley, Spelltower, and many more. You can identify them with the '+' next to the title.

Be sure to check out the rest of the titles, especially Fantasian by Hironobu Sakaguchi who created the original Final Fantasy.

What is great about Apple Arcade is that there are no adverts anywhere and it's full on gaming platform that is predicted to around for the next decade.

Sleaford Mods

Where to start with this duo? It happened one day when listening to BBC Radio 6, the track was Stick in a five and go. There was something different about it because it was raw and gritty. After checking out who they are, and started listening to the full EP of the mentioned track, it was a worthy add to the music collection.

What was intriguing was the use of electronic minimalist, the profanity rant, and the sense of punk-hop is immense. Their latest album, Spare Ribs, has shown the duo going further exploring the fancy yet-oh-so United Kingdom where it is constantly driven down by The Horrible Tories - straight from track, The New Brick, "We're all so tory tired" - got me into the mood for the rest of the album.

Give Sleaford Mods a go, it may be something you want to listen to!

Burn out

Last week, after crashing into bed after doing ridiculous yet amazing amount of work, along with other personal factors happening at the same time for the past three months, waking up on Good Friday was a complete blur. In a way, it's okay to be experiencing burn out during the toughest months of the UK lockdown. Somehow, getting through it one way or another is an another level.

Thankfully the Easter weekend is a must have to recuperate strength before going back to the coal face.

And finally...

We should be making useless website again because they are the cornerstone of creativity.

Lo and behold, The Useless Web!

You will end up cackling at this pure madness of BEES

Stay safe, make something funny.

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