Craig Butcher

Week Note Thirteen - Click Clack

British Summer Time

With the first three months of 2021 done and dusted, we are now firmly in Spring and there are discussions whether we should ditching the idea of adjusting our clocks. For further reading about this matter, wikipedia entry - British Summer Time will help understand this matter.

The idea of keeping it permanently as BST is a great idea and it is a positive move ahead where it has benefits across the board particularly with people suffering from Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) who require sunlight. The debate continues whether it will happen.


Don't we love them? Sure! Not when they are piling up in the corner when reality tells us we must maintain our current state of affairs. Notebooks are a must to have to carry around in order to offload our nonsense in order to free up our mental storage space.

There are some freelance work that needs completion and it is time to dedicate myself to these projects because they contains interesting challenges and most importantly, having fun building!

Caliban's War

Having read the first book and gaining a different internal representation of the characters including overall background of the entire solar system, it is a gripping page turner of a read! It feels like a current reality with futuristic ideas of the future like magnet boots, hand terminal, and LIDAR sensors. At the risk of spoilers, the TV shows has closely matches the book so far, although that is a reserved opinion until the complete set is done.

And finally...

Plants are a must to have in the household especially when working from home because we need to be surrounded by nature. Even plant maintenance slows down the mind to be present in the moment.

Plus, it makes your cats well camouflaged.

Stay safe, drink water.

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