Craig Butcher

Week Note Twelve - The Battle of The Vaccines

Vaccines War!

We are suppose to be vaccinating the entire world without any petty arguments. If you look to the UK vs EU (Brexit is a horrible ongoing divorce - we can talk about this another time!) and it is incredibly embarrassing how every country seem to be squabbling costing time, money, and most importantly lives.

Let's hope common sense prevails and resume the path to normality.

CSS Clamp

This is an interesting CSS function because the other day, the idea of having to use max-font-size is a must. There is no such property at the present moment and the closest is clamp() (MDN - clamp()) which did the job decently.

The values you can set are clamp(min, value, max) and it is incredibly useful if you like to use fluid typography. Originally, clamp() was first featured in Chrome where the rest of the browsers checked in a few months later during 2020.

Give it a try and see what you think!

Leviathan Wakes

Huzzah! The first book of The Expanse had begun. It's a solid and enjoyable read so far. The explanation of the juice makes a whole lot of sense in terms of why it is required and what happens to the body afterwards, how did the humans spread themselves among the solar system, gravity, and the functionality of ships. It is all shaping up to the second novel in the series, Caliban's War, nicely.

And finally...

It has been a stressful week regarding home and work which made this weeknote a mental struggle to write. Although, it does not stop from writing the entry and allows the sense of putting anything down is worth a contribution!

Stay safe, learn to lipread!

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