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Week Note Eleven - Middle of the March.

Coding and building anything

It is such a weird yet wonderful sense of... purpose? In a hindsight, programming is something myself craved since the days of the ZX Spectrum. Building a little game in BASIC on the spectrum like Ball and Bat (Breakout clone!) was fun and understood about 40% of the programming of how it works. There was no Internet back in the days and it was all via library books or games magazines like Crash. Learning was limited because based out in the sticks of the United Kingdom in the 80s, it was tricky to progress further. Luckily, it was saved with home taping...

Nowadays, we have so much information at our fingertips and the chance to learn another programming language is easier to access. The principle of coding rings true, build anything. It does not have to be the next best thing, produce something and get it out there.

The record slows down at this point, the determination of people to mock, laugh, and saying "what is this crap you have wrote?". People are here to learn! Encourage them by suggesting improvements, point out useful and meaningful code blocks, and remember to have fun!

End of Tape

Let's not forget about Lou Ottens (passed away at 94 on March 6th 2021) and he developed the compact cassette tape in 1963. Thanks to the tape, it was a primitive robust form to record music onto on boombox from radio stations, saving games programs written in BASIC, and umpteen amount of games sold.

Let's not forget the Sony Walkman which became the iconic classic of the 80s. After all, if you want to get into the vaporwave / future funk scene the right way, buy them via bandcamp from artist like Yung Bae where you can buy them in tape format.

Keychron K3

Yeehaw! Obtaining the Keychron K3 with brown switches from a good friend Cy Culpin. I have written a quick week review of the keyboard so far based on a week review. Having used a lot of keyboards in the past ranging from Varmilo, Cooler master, Varmilo / Ducky, and some incredibly cheap Khali blue switches keyboard that was a rare buy, this keyboard is a fun and cheerful model to use.

Now where did I put my bag of gateron switches...

And finally...

The Robot and Foundation series is completed. It has been an utterly amazing journey to read it all from start to finish. Without spoilers here, there had been some moments where there was an internal screaming of "wait, what, ohhh". That is the beauty of books in itself to allow yourself to be taken in. Also the internal representation of how the characters, scenery, and sense of futurism (give or take a couple ten thousands years).

The next book series to read? Leviathan Wakes (The Expanse) by James S. A. Corey (the pen name of Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck) and the challenge is set to read all the novels before the final season of the TV show. There are some areas of the show that needs further explanation that the books reveals to complete the meaning such as the juice. People will know what that means!

Stay safe, get some plants.

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