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Week Note One - 2020 +1

Hello 2021

What nonsense is this? 2021? As if! I have been sat here trying to write a cracker of a headline and it feels like 2020 is still with us. We are still in that year and the date is 34th December 2020. Sheesh. Don't let the naysayers tell you otherwise!

On a serious note, the first few days has seen Bitcoin hit the magical $34,000 (roughly £24864.57), there are some wild predictions of it hitting $150k this year yet that is completely far-fetched. Never say never in this world of unstable turbulent coin market.

Other news, the Horrible Tories continues to bait and switch themselves on the advices of schools should remain open if they are in Tier 4. The backlash of councils around the United Kingdom decided to go against the UK Government to remain closed. COVID-19 is rampant and why should we take further risks?

Can Tier 5 be named Ravenholm? Anyone agrees with this?


The UK have left the EU officially on 31st December 2020 and everything feels more or less the same. With the added "See we can leave the EU" annoyance by the crowd, I will be looking forward to the day where we can rejoin the EU. Unless it falls apart, the British Empire takes over.. Wait a minute, this is like short story of Foundation written by a Brit. After all, the Brexit deal state something about Netscape Communicator, Mozilla Mail, and recommend using 1024-bit RSA encryption and the SHA-1 hashing algorithm (Source: BBC News - Brexit deal mentions Netscape browser and Mozilla Mail).

Two weeks of no coding.

It is pure and absolute bliss that I have not touched a single line of code during the holidays because I have reached burnout. All I want to do was to completely switch off, spend time with family, and binge read / watch whatever. It is so important to allow yourself to relax in order to gain some sense of being and figure out what's next. Look after your own well-being and things will get better.

And finally...

Minimalism is something I have been rediscovering at every beginning of the year. It is refreshing to clear out physical and digital clutter allowing my mind to be able to cope. Recently, I have been getting back into plants which is a boost because it helps with surroundings when working from home, and it made me rethink that it isn't a part of minimalism and that is more or less absolutely fine.

Stay safe, learn a life skill!

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