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Week Note Eight - Kernel Panic.

The Attack of The Migraine

The timing particularly sucks majorly since I have booked a couple of days off work for my downtime with my sons during their half term shenanigan.

Instead, my brain decided to do a kernel panic. Today is my third day of recovery (second day of being vertical, how do astronauts cope?) and my appetite is back in small doses. Having a migraine is a rare occurrence and it is not a surprise that it was triggered by various personal factors in the past month. Upon reflection, it is time to create a new habit to reduce my stress level to prevent another migraine attack in the near future.

Mind Awake, Body Asleep*

Lucid dreaming is a hobby of mine because I do enjoy researching about the mind and what it does when it is asleep. In some state of sleeping, it is possible to construct the dream how you would like it to be, interact in it, cross over multiple time lines, flying, etc. I often find lucid dreaming helps to come to terms with anxiety and depression in understand what and why it happens. Triggers can be done in a controlled manner inside the dream state where you can instantly dismiss it. In other cases, it is possible to keep the mind working away to produce a solution to a puzzle, extend your learning, or generally having fun playing God mode in your head for the sheer hell of it.

Whilst we are still on topic, it is possible to have a dream within a dream (similar to the film, Inception). Some people are generally uncomfortable discussing about lucid dreaming thinking if we are batshit insane. The mind is an infinite playground that we haven’t tapped fully into.

* Mr. Robot - Season 2 - Episode 11 - “eps2.9_pyth0n-pt1.p7z”

SEGA Arcade: Pop-Up History

The trio of the author Keith Stuart, Helen Friel and Kam Tang - producing the models of the gorgeous pop ups. This is an unique angle to show off SEGA’s arcade history and I have many fond memories of Space Harrier, Out Run, and After Burner (known as the big three In my opinion) at nearly every seafront pier arcades on this side of the country. I introduced the book to my parents, who made the 80s memorable for me, mentioned many memories of me playing the big three. It got embarrassing when I got told that I had a crowd watching myself playing Space Harrier managing to get to Stage 10 within ease. I was only seven at the time with hearing aids and bulky glasses, and loved all things Japanese.

And finally...

Anyone know who is Lawrence Tesler? What did he do to contribute that we all use daily?

Lawrence Tesler, a pioneering computer scientist who helped make it easier for users to interact with computers, whether cutting and pasting text or selecting text by dragging a cursor through it, died on Sunday at his home in Portola Valley, Calif. He was 74.

NYTimes wrote a wonderful tribute. I recommend putting some time aside to read Lawrence’s incredible history.

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