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Week Note Seven - Write Long!

Stress and Imposter Syndrome

It is time to take some much deserved break to squash some gremlins in the brain. I will get round to writing about this soon as it is a fairly common subject in the industry. Rest assured that I'm still a sane man in an insane world. "Be kind to yourself" is the motto that I have carried for many years.

Where the **** do ideas come from?

Hi, I'm Craig and right now, I have way too many ideas that never gets executed. Why do they never appear? Time. I need to get better at time management and it's tricky when having a family and a full time job. Family comes first, everything else, as I believe, will happen in good time. Remember, life is finite and it is what we do today that counts.

Side note: "Where the **** do ideas come from" came from the ZeFrank Show that appeared every day (except weekends) between March 17, 2006 - March 17, 2007. If you remember the show, you're a Sports Racer!

Geforce Now and more thoughts on gaming

Having discovering the Geforce Now cloud gaming service via a friend of mine. It has been an interesting experience on how we could switch to game streaming service without the need of having to own a beefy gaming PC at home. I can imagine Google Stadia potentially eating a chunk of the market yet I'm not highly convinced. It will have some ways to go and I am rooting for Cloud Gaming Service to mature.

Although this technology is nothing new since it was demonstrated in 2000 by G-Cluster. A decade later, OnLive appeared to some fanfare and became defunct a couple of years later. The real core of the issue is bandwidth speed and latency.

The Nintendo Switch has taken over the home TV in recent weeks, thanks to Nintendo E-shop sales and discussion of games, we came to an immediate conclusion that Apple Arcade subscription will have to cease. Apple does not understands gaming because they are coming from a hardware/software company that started out in the computing industry.

Nintendo gained experience way back in the 1980s since the NES and up to the Switch, where Sony Playstation started around the mid 90s, Microsoft took a crack at it with their Xbox going from strength to strength and introduced Xbox Adaptive Controller for people with disabilities.

What I am trying to explain that there is a soul in the machine or history and the big three (Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft) knows this. Apple cannot craft such an unique device. Try gaming on the Mac? It requires ludicrous spending, you are faced with a limit selection of library leaving the only option to run Windows via Boot Camp.

And finally...

Crosswords has become my new addiction. I have completed a crossword properly for the first time via Guardian's Crossword a few days ago and secretly loving it. There are many words or phrases that we take for granted daily often tripped me up.

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