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Week Note Six - Cough-justice

Cough and stress

"Well I oughta!" was the first thing that comes to my mind when the cough made a nice return at the end of last week. It's not nice when it comes back and it's purely down to stress. Family life is often challenging with two hearing boys especially when it comes to house hunting.

I haven't even stopped at work and realised that I did miss my own warning signs. Luckily thanks to my wife who knows me well (maybe too well) who kindly reminded me, when I reacted with a "WHAT!" when asked.

It's okay, I made up with the wife with making a hot chocolate using my barista skills...


Talking about barista, it has got me thinking a lot about coffee and how many of it that I consume a day. I have been drinking decaf coffee for nearly a year and the difference is that I no longer need caffeine unless I need to keep awake. The choice of decaf coffee available everywhere are limited which prompt a plan to put into place, more on this soon.

Apple TV

It is a thorn in Apple's hardware line up. Why? Newer televisions offers Apple TV app along with Airplay 2 capability and suddenly, you are left wondering what is so great about Apple TV itself? The answer, for today, is that it is non-existential for todays uses.

Gaming isn't fantastic on it and Apple TV App Store is lacklustre in choices. I believe it is down to the physical Siri remote and complexity of TvOS which easily frustrate everyone in the household. Also the offering of two(!) HD / 4K Apple TV hardware including the pricing that does not help the hardware to sell.

And finally...

TIL a word. Plethora. Hat tip to my wife - again.


a large or excessive amount of something: a plethora of committees and subcommittees | Allen won a plethora of medals during his illustrious career.

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