Craig Butcher

Week Note Fifty Two - Double Exit

Exiting 2020 and Exiting self isolation

Christmas came and went. Blunt as it is a very strange kind of Christmas this year although looking on the positive side of things (am I allowed to say this?), it was our first vegan Christmas meal and it was incredibly tasty. Then the kicker? The NHS Covid-19 app informed later in the evening that I must self isolate till the end of the year. With only three days remaining of the year, the anxious feeling of constantly checking my sense of smell and taste has never been ridiculously high.

How on earth are we going to get through this pandemic in the United Kingdom?

20 books

A goal that I had discovered late last month, a quick recount of books that I have read this year meant I have completed the goal. It is a great little achievement which led to many old and new books. Yippee!

52 weeknotes

Who would have thunk it?!

Another goal completed for this year and it gave me good amount of confidence over the course of this year to write without giving a damn. Although, I have accumulated a lot of unwritten long form posts ranging from tips, macs, minimalism, vegan, and mostly rambles. I will have to complete and publish them!

And finally...

2020 has been the year of everything. I have no idea what to say here because I kept writing and deleting the following:

Yet it is meaningless and overused. What I would like to say is that we will have to take it each day, half day, hours, minutes, or seconds at a time.

Stay safe, see ya 2020.

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