Craig Butcher

Week Note Fifty One - The exit is in sight!

Tier 4 U

The madness of the government continues by introducing a fourth Tier which is classed as, in my opinion, "We have screwed up this up and we are spinning this".

I have no words for this anymore because the goalposts are constantly being moved. Let's leave it at this, do the right thing and be safe.

And the UK Government gets sued

News source: BREAKING: UK Government sued over lack of sign language interpreter at COVID briefings

Why? Because of the lack of a BSL (British Sign Language) interpreter. Being Deaf first and foremost, it is vital for services to provide an interpreter at any time because it is a given right. When you look towards other countries that excels in providing an interpreter on stage, the United Kingdom has completely dropped off the radar and are often referred us to "Use the BBC News service to see theirs". We do not want to be relying on a third party source where we need an official one at No. 10 Downing Street.

I am rooting for the results to be overwhelming on our side because enough is enough with the Tory Government.

MacBook Air M1

Let's have some good news for once! The new laptop has arrived and I'm utterly stunned at the sheer lunatic speed! I was constantly checking the heat spot if it was going to be hot and expecting the fans to be coming on. This is another world of computing and I'm glad that I have made the switch to do so. Being an early adopter is awesome because you get to experience the very beginning of what will be a game changer.

Come to think of it, this is my third adaption of different chipsets. I do recall the PowerPC G4, the transition to Intel, and now the transition to Apple Silicon begins. I have always felt that Intel's chipset were solid right in the beginning yet their laptop range was marred with issues such as heat, Nvidia arguments, and bugs.

This M1 is going to change the computing scene and I do hope the competition will start hotting up in the ARM market at long last.

And finally...

I think we should have some films sorted out for the holidays.

And for the Grand Tour fans, the trio is back for A Massive Hunt.

Stay safe and Happy Holidays

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