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Week Note Five - February already?

Gaming on the Mac

Since playing on the Nintendo Switch a lot recently, I had been thinking about gaming on the Mac and arrived at the conclusion that macOS is not fantastic for gaming. Since macOS Catalina is now a 64 bit OS, the lack of support for older 32 bit games will cease to stop working. Onwards, I made the right choice of installing Windows 10 via Bootcamp, which was a smooth process and was pleasantly surprised. Gaming felt a lot more responsive in Windows than macOS.

Personally, I cannot see Apple truly supporting gaming on Macs in the future as it is a convoluted mess. At every keynote by the fruit company raved about how great iOS devices are to game on. iOS gaming including Apple Arcade lacks the soul that has been ingrained in Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft for many years.

The Expanse (TV series)

Currently showing the fourth season on Amazon Prime, it is an enjoyable science fiction TV show and it feels solid in terms of plot, character developments, and space is ruthless and hostile. A fifth season has been renewed, there is an itch to check out the books and had a recommendation to read them in publication order.

Side note: Amos is a brilliant psychological character and I think Wes Chatham did a brilliant job portraying him.

Hand of God (e16 theme)

Do you recall Enlightenment Window Manager? How about E16? E17 was launched some twelve years later. I dug into my archives and discovered Hand of God theme for E16.

It is now available over at github - Hand of God repo.

Feel free to pull the branch, fork, PR for improvements, star it, or say hi!

And finally...

Codepen and Glitch are two utterly awesome showcasing sites. My Codepen account is a creative mess at the moment and it's weirdly wonderful to look at. 🧐

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