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Week Note Forty Nine - Pi The Fort.

Pi 4

Opting for the 8GB ram version of the Pi 4, it seems to be holding up incredibly well especially when using Docker to run Pi-hole and Plex. It is a refreshing replacement for the Pi 3 that I had for a few years. There are a few other services that I'm pondering to run at the moment ranging from a local weather service, scraper, and more.

What did I do with the Pi 3...


It's back to past playing retro game consoles and arcade! RetroPie has a strong online community and it's absolutely awesome to run on the Pi 3, I need to invest in some good wireless game pad so my sons can have a go at playing the games of the past.

We had a go playing Ghostbusters on the Sega Master System which I felt is the best conversion of the game on the 8 bit console scene. I did almost completed the game thanks to the encouragement of my sons!

Mind you, it would be nice to get an arcade machine set up in the household... One day!

Ready Player Two

It is not one of the best book because I had a lot of reservation when I heard a sequel was announced. Ready Player One (2011) was a great and quick nostalgia read yet contains a lot of cringe-worthy moments.

The result of the continuation? It is the Dan Brown sci-fi book where the author has copied the first into the second, rewrote the plot with further holes, and devoted an entire section (spoilers ahead) about Prince world that went on forever.

Let's hope they do not make this into a film because this book closed that door firmly shut.

And finally...

Flashbacks from the past, anyone remember the (in)famous Zip Drive? Did anyone owned a Intel overdrive processor? 3DFX especially the Voodoo 2 SLI? Heck, does anyone remember Ambra PCs? The Ambra Sprinta model? Am I that old? Lolz.

Stay safe, avoid the Christmas crowd.

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