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Week Note Forty Seven - Effortless

Apple Silicon - The best has yet begun...

It is all over the news that the Apple Silicon M1 is overwhelming positive.

Here are the best of the best that I think anyone should read about the M1.

George managed to snap up the Macbook Air M1 (8GB ram version) and kept me posted throughout the day with his testing. Every video instantly made my jaw hits the floor especially how quick it loads all the apps - do not try this on your Intel Mac - and it blazes through it like no tomorrow. And that is not all, George managed to get some games up and running. Minecraft ran easily (FPS test!) and managed to push it to play Black Ops, low settings, 1080p render resolution at 60fps.

All this running on a fanless chipset.

Gone are the classic ideas of computing such as "You do need a beefier processor, ram, etc' to run your applications and games". We have to reshape what we need to be thinking about this kind of tech where it is going next.

macOS Big Sur hiccups

A week on, Big Sur has been Naughty Sur... Here are the top five so far!

macOS 11 is a rapid departure from 10 where it is heading into a new direction of software and hardware. I'm expecting a patch day happening in the next few weeks before the Christmas break.

Second Foundation

The classic trilogy of the books is completed! The next one on the list is "Foundation's Edge" - going by publication order. It is a thoroughly enjoyable book and at the end of the day, I wandered out into the garden looking at the night sky where the stars were twinkling, a huge deep sense of where we are in the solar system, or the universe has a strange yet unsettling feeling. I wonder if Isaac Asimov knew...

And finally...

This is week notes 47 meaning five more week notes to go. I will be ending 2020 with a yearly note and I think it deserves something!

Stay safe, eat your greens.

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