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Week Note Forty Three - The Price of Living

Food for nothing

It seems the headlines in the UK is all about The Horrible Tories (A substantial nod to Horrible Histories). This time, it is all about the Tories refusing to provide free school meals to the nation's poorest children over the holidays in England.

This absolutely stinks of imaginary utopia of upper class MP twits who believes in long term goals is better than short term. It's hard to put into words that we are living in 2020 and the UK government continues to live like it is in the 1920s.

Local councils are stepping in (some are Tories breaking rank), businesses, cafes, it feels like everyone is doing it to help. No questions asked, free food at being given away making us believe that doing the kind deed is all there knowing that humanity is at sake, especially the young.

History will remember and it will remind The Horrible Tories how to understand and do not ever treat the youngest generation through this again.

Back to the on ITV Night Time in 1996

Late night TV back in the late 90s was something else to watch, I was told to set my video recorder (fancy recording device to record live TV) to record hosted by William Rowan and Anne Adamski. It was full of weird and wonderful things about the Internet ranging from best and worst of the web, interviewing random people (including a young Jason Bradbury!), and every beginning of the show, Anne goes off with a task to bring back to show what she has found on the web. There is only one episode of the show on YouTube.

This triggered the web designer/developer in me to learn how to make 'homepages' and published Doomnet over the now defunct Demon Internet.

For the sake of this section. Why not visit the original Anne's homepage and

Super simple Flexbox columns layout

I have created a couple of simple Flexbox layout.

Here's a super simple 33/66% layout.

See the Pen Super Simple 33/66% with Flexbox by Craig Butcher (@craigbutcher) on CodePen.

Maybe you want to go all three columns?

See the Pen Super Simple Three Columns Flexbox by Craig Butcher (@craigbutcher) on CodePen.

These are simple examples and feel free to experiment!

Take a look at CSS Grid. Although, nothing is stopping you whatever you would like to use to produce your own design.

And finally...

Ever heard of Solarpunk? You have now, it is a way of imaging how things can get better in the future. Like switching to clean fuel is a great example, what about going further? Farming? Universal healthcare? To get a better explanation, Steve Lord with his The Dork Web wrote a solid newsletter about Solarpunk.

Stay safe, keep believing.

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