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Week Note Forty Two - Flow my Tiers, a PM said.

Tiers of Medium, maybe high, or GET HIGHER!

The shambles of the UK Government continues with their insane tiers, lockdown of various regions, and it goes to show that nobody at No.10 is listening to the scientists who knows best with this situation.

Meanwhile, across the pond, the madness of the orange buffoon continues to play the game of simple chess - think of a chess board with only four squares with one pawn on it - with the population of America.

Over in New Zealand, they have declared COVID-19 free for the second time which is an incredible feat. Granted it is a smaller country yet people gives a shit about their well being.

One more thing, #WhereIsTheInterpreter? - Every country in the world got a Sign Language interpreter and the Government continues to be the greatest idiotic pretender repeating that it is "impossible to have at No. 10".

May we get on in the next Government, Labour is looking set to be on course at the moment. If only something will happen.

Kung Fury

We all know that Kung Fury is a cult classic from 2015 and we are waiting for the sequel to appear.

Filming has wrapped last month and no doubt that the post production is happening for a release soon. What I like about Kung Fury is that sense of creative freedom and it makes it all enjoyable to watch without the seriousness of cinemas that seems to be building over the years.

Treat yourself to the Hoff singing this badass song!.

Note: If you are interested in Synthwave, check out Synthwave | Documentary to get some sense of the music genre that has been growing in popularity.

Prequel to Big Bang

Joe Rogan asked the question What was happening before the big bang? to Brian Greene and it made a lot of sense that something was going on before this event. The universe is still constantly expanding and we are waiting for hyper jumps, rockets that could take us further into the galaxies and beyond. Hearing the words "it could have been the first event that sparked the expansion of our part of space..." from Greene gives me chills!

Once we get to the moon and to Mars, I think the space race will be back on the books only on the condition that silly Space Force reality / concept in the US is to be abolished. I mean really? It all reminds me of Galaxy Quest at this rate.

And finally...

Cyberpunk 2077 looks absolutely stunning and Night City has its own website. Expect the Nintendo Switch to get it in 2055 ;-)

Stay safe, 2021 is around the corner.

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