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Week Note Forty One - Missing Title Innit

Eleven more week notes to go

When creating this week notes, I was gobsmacked to see this is the 41th entry. Every Sunday, I sit down at the desk and write about what happened in the week. It has been tricky because of COVID-19 yet lockdown to "semi lockdown" brought about what I have been paying attention to, what habits I have created and gotten rid of, and many more.

Thankfully these good habits are going to stick with me as long as I will remember them because they are good benefits for my mental health.

24 'superhabitable' planet

Researchers identified a total of 24 planets which could be habitable. Astronomy is a great field to be involved and even you can do it as a hobby (or known as amateur astronomy), we all look to the stars to discover the unknown. At some point, we will have to master the art of space travel and here's hoping that we will get to see innovation in rocket and fuel technology in the next few decades.

Talking about planets...


... Yes, I could not resist sneaking in this book. Isaac Asimov's Foundation started off with a blast and throws in some insane curve balls along the way. It will not be long till I get to the second book in the trilogy Foundation and Empire.

And finally...

The Boys Season two finale was absolutely ****ing diabolical!

Stay safe, stay warm, and enjoy the seasonal change.

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