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Week Note Forty - Edits


An utter gem from a friend (he loves making decals!) who has been encouraging myself to unlock my creativity that has been vacant since 2012. Here is a rough summary:

If you are struggling for creativity, draw the first thing that comes to your mind and stop.
Draw it. Even if it is not related so you can get the juice flowing, then draw something related to it. A word association game is another angle too!

This will switch off the nonsense chatter in the brain and allow us to focus on one single thing at a time. I will documenting this as I go along in order to change some habits that I had unwisely developed.

Browser APIs

I have started exploring the APIs in Mozilla Firefox again to see what I could come up with because it is related to the above to let go of my overthinking and start building nonsense.


Anywhere is a nice destination. If it means a trip to the quay, the shops, or anywhere - Do take the opportunity to do so because it helps so much with your mind that deserves to be nurtured. Your body is indeed a walking temple (lots of puns are common on this site. Spot them all!) and it is your utmost duty to look after it.

And finally...

This is week note forty and it means only 12 weeks to go of 2020.

Stay safe, Stay the **** at home.

P.S. This is a short week note due to recent mental health issue. I left this note here as a reminder to myself...

You are okay.

When was the last time did you have a mental health issue? Trace back to that point and count the days up.

It does not matter if it is one, 16, 88, etc.

It is the progress you are making every day.

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